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Санкции, такие санкции

Please note that new regulations for shipments to Russian companies apply as of 12 September 2014. In order to ensure compliance with these regulations, Cisco will require in addition to full end-user details, a description of the products/technology’s’ end-use for certain orders. This end-use description must come in email form from the end-user email address.
We will keep you updated as the situation evolves and we thank you for your patience.
End-User Statement should include as follows (please provide at least one sentence when answering each question):
To whom it may concern,
Description of end-use must answer these questions:
1) What is the install site (including company name, e.g. new branch of “…”)?
2) What is the install site address?
3) For the install Site(s) –
a. What is the intended end-use of Cisco product/technology?
b. What will be done with these products/technology?
c. How will it serve the End-User?
d. Describe the project, programs, functions and services that the (encrypted) products/technology will support.
e. Is this to build a new network or to update a previously existing one?
f. In case of encryption products/technology, describe precisely the type of data that will be encrypted using Cisco technology. What is the nature and purpose of this data? How will the data serve the End-User?
Please provide the end-use description for the below products:

Cisco RMA Number....

We further certify that we will not re-sell or transfer those Cisco equipment to Military entities or for military end-use.
In case your company is active in the oil and gas industry, please tick the following box with yes:

Yes, by ticking this box, we hereby certify that we will not use those Cisco equipment in support of exploration or production for deep-water, Arctic offshore or shale projects.

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